A Digital Core for AI-driven Business.

What: centros.one (c5s) is a Technology Framework that comprises an integrated set of tools and notational standards to build, deploy and operate AI-centric Software Systems in a fast and efficient but trusted and reliable manner, all the way up from 0 to 100% enterprise-grade robustness.

Why: with c5s acting as the Digital Core for AI-driven Business, companies don’t have to worry about some of the major technical complexities that event-driven Microservice-centric architectures normally come with, rather than concentrating on their core commercial value generation.


What is centros.one?

The best way to think of centros.one is to be an AI-native Operating System that is – from the ground up – designed and built to run AI-centric Business Software.


The same way that the Operating System on your laptop allows you to easily install and run normal Desktop Software without needing to know (and painfully manage) all the technical complexities that are sitting behind, c5s does the same for distributed, state-of-the-art AI-centric Business Software Systems.


c5s sits on top of a Cloud-native Technology stack and extends that by additional capabilities for hiding and managing the numerous machine-room level painpoints of event-centric Microservice-based architectures, including specific aspects for having „AI“ components seamlessly integrated into the overall composition. That’s why we call it an „AI-native Operating System“.

c5s offers a lightning fast and efficient but safe and reliable way of managing AI-centric Business Software, all the way from composition, deployment down to lifecycle operations, allowing it to serve as a fully qualified Digital Core of AI-driven Business.


Architectural overview

On the highest level, c5s consists of a SHIPYARD environment, a PRODUCTION environment and a CONTROLLER that keeps both environments in sync. A shared Administration & Control Cockpit (to be released with Version 1.0) will provide a graphical UI for administering the shipyard processes, including governance rules and role-based permissioning.


Within the c5s SHIPYARD environment,

1: the bottom layer holds an Infrastructure-as-Code-Style definition for the creation of the c5s Foundation Services and the Housekeeping Services, both of which together form the „Operating System“ within the Production environment,
2: the top layer consists of several tools / toolchains (please refer to the Documentation section for details) that sequentially turn Custom Code into c5s-compatible Business Services, and deploy them into the Production environment.

Within the c5s PRODUCTION environment,

1: the c5s Foundation Services layer, which holds control over Kafka, Kafka Connect, Avro as well as a set of other base services,
2: the c5s Housekeeping Services, which provide visibility, orchestration as well as other general management capabilities that are need to keep the system in good shape,
3: the c5s Governance ledger, which enforces system-wide and audit-proof controls for the various AI components,
4: the c5s Business Services (AI- and Non-AI) which are being built and deployed through the Shipyard environment and managed through the components as stated above.

centros.one Features

No Vendor Lock-In, runs anywhere

Batteries included Deployment

Full Audit

GitOps Workflows for ML components

Works with all major Cloud providers.

Community-driven Roadmap

Enterprise Support for all components with various SLAs

Integrates with numerous CI/CD Systems

centros.one Benefits


Development cycles and Time-to-Market are being significantly reduced.


Cut overhead and focus all resources on core value generation rather than administration.


Audit-proof controls allow for safe utilization of AI, even in highly regulated environments.

A Digital Core for AI-driven Business.


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